What a concept: We have a certain light in our eyes that is eminently recognizable by those who know us when they see it in our eyes.  Obviously it’s there when we smile, but often times its there for lots of other expressions and thoughts too.  It forms part of the basis for how we think about each other – when there is light in the eyes when we talk to someone, we know they are listening, we see that they are understanding, it becomes recognizable as “them” shining through their eyes.

Its at the core of the true mirror experience that that same light is actually present for the first time to oneself.  In real time, continuously and in 3D. Its truly stunning to watch as someone’s face literally lights up with new understanding  – that light is communicating “them” to “them”!  For the first time!  Even better, is watching how it continues – sometimes for minutes!  That same light almost always shifts and eventually fades when flipped in a mirror mirror…very few people can keep it going for more than 5 seconds.  Really!

The flatness and reversal that occurs to our faces by mirrors is something we have all lived with – literally every single person in the world that is around mirrors, has the mirror doing this number on them constantly, since childhood.  Whereas in real life, we are these dynamic and multivariable things called human beings, with an incredible number of things we say with our faces, complete with our expressions, complete with the light in them, complete with “us” behind our eyes, complete with what we are saying.

How strange a Twilight Zone Episode we are in, such that everyone knows themselves in mirrors this way?  What will the world be like if, and when, true mirrors catch on and become normalized for people?

Do you think it would be progress?  How couldn’t it be?

JWalter 2019

Afternote:  As I reread what I wrote, I have to acknowledge to you that my view of how great this is is only my opinion, and that many others have lots of other opinions about it.  It is my hope that seeing the light (pun unavoidable) for oneself does convey a bit of what this does offer, and I respectfully invite you to explore for yourself.  Thank you!

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