The True Mirror is confrontational, lets talk about that right up front. You are going to see yourself in an entirely new way, and what this will mean to you depends on many factors directly connected to you. Your self-image, the way you previously related to yourself, how asymmetric you are, how you fall on the scale of physical and emotional attractiveness, how deep or shallow you are, how honest or dishonest you are. And pretty much everything else that defines you – the True Mirror can bring all of that up.

When you gaze into your own eyes without them being backwards so much comes immediately to the fore. They are communicating properly, its a live-wire version of you present.

Confrontational? You bet. What will you see, and then, what will you do with this new information? Embrace it as good intel about yourself and learn from it, or run away, back to the comfortable version that you know in mirrors? Will you engage with yourself and learn even more, or will you put a wall up and say “not for me, this is too weird!”

All this and more is what I have seen showing the True Mirror in public. There is such a burned-in connection of you to your backwards self that flipping the image to you can really be disconcerting. Why would I continue doing this to people? Is there a benefit here for showing people what they look like and who they really are?

The answer is: “YES, OF COURSE!” The value of truth vs a facade should be self-evident in theory, but in fact, there’s the obstacle of getting used to this new version. A process of un-learning how you physically have interacted with yourself in mirrors (usually static and with little or no expression), to a “you” that is just as dynamic and vibrant and communicative as you are in real life. A process of seeing and understanding that the true you is probably just fine, and that its the backwards you that has been needling you for years with feelings of inadequacy and disconnection. A version of you that can rejoice in your happinesses, commiserate and be compassionate with your sadnesses, and one you can depend on to tell you true.

You CAN handle the truth because at its core, truth is easier. Reconciling with a somewhat fake, somewhat disconnected, somewhat shallow version of you? Now thats hard. You have been trying to do it your whole life, and probably are pretty good at it, even probably prefer the backwards version of you.

But think about it – what has this done to your self image that you know yourself differently than what is real? How much does what the world think about you match what you think about you?

If you could know yourself directly, where the expressions you see in the True Mirror are yours, how much easier it will be to be in sync with you and your world? If you could know yourself, clear and clean from misperceptions that only exist in your mirrored face, what would your internal dialog be like? My experience? Its good and always getting better.

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