We are just getting started, posting a lot of the information about interacting with mirrors, from self-help techniques to research studies on the neurology of mirroring.  Stay tuned, this will be a long list shortly!

3) Animals in mirrors: This Atlantic  article goes into some of what we think animals see in mirrors. What will they see in true mirrors?

4) This study showed that a fish showed  “the non-reversing mirror image and live opponent drove similar behavioural and neurobiological responses.

Real or Fake? Natural and Artificial Social Stimuli Elicit Divergent Behavioural and Neural Responses in Mangrove Rivulus, Kryptolebias marmoratus

Its one of the few studies done to date with non-reversing mirrors, and it matches the idea that we can be more normal with ourselves in True Mirrors than in backwards mirrors.

5) Psychology Today article about the different parts of the brain that light up when we see another’s smile.  This is likely the same way that we can smile at ourselves in the True Mirror for the first time…all of the mirror neurons are firing as they normally do

I Feel Your Smile, I Feel Your Pain.

6) Lidiya K‘s blog at LetsReachSuccess: The Mirror Technique


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