This page showcases experiences of people where the True Mirror really made a difference.  Seeing see what an amazing person they are and being validated for what was true about them  – so wonderful!

Thatyane’s story:

  • At the begining I started to laugh, it was so funny! But looking deeper, I started to cry. Then I was trapped into the image, kind of addicted into looking at it. I felt a little scared and went for a walk. For moments, my body started behaving backwards even when I was away from the mirror, which made me confused.
  • I have a practice of meditation in which two people sit in front of the other in silence for a few minutes, looking into each other’s eyes. It is breathtaking to really SEE someone, these asymmetric little things we have are just part of our weirdness and beauty…
  • This mirror is giving me the opportunity to meditate looking at my own eyes. For this, I want to thank you so much.
  • I have covered it now. Needed a little more time to face it again because of the intensity of my experience, but would like to make it a everyday routine.
  • It is really magic, congratulations for the amazing job

Ashley’s story:

  • You see and experience reflections everywhere, in the mirror, in water, on glass, noise, in nature, and within each other.
    This has been a reoccurring theme for me ever since attending Mysteryland Festival in May 2014 which I attended despite just having undergone a spinal fusion operation. 
    Though I was already a spiritual Being, this seemed to have triggered a deeper awakening. I was very excited about this journey I was on but my travel partner at the time was getting frustrated with my positivity and spiritual talk and began to make me doubt my authenticity. Due to my operation I requested assistance from the festival and that is where I met my dear friend, Dan Grover. He was the head of the handicap department and right away we knew we were going to be buddies.
    The first full day of the festival he asked me to roam around with him so he could show me some things. One of those things was an art installation by Kate Raudenbush called “Wishing Tree.” He told me to make a wish… I did, BUT then he told me to go to the center of the tree where there was a mirror and to look in it. When I did I burst into tears. There’s something so powerful about looking at yourself when you make a wish. You cannot make a wish and not mean it when you’re looking at yourself in your eyes. It felt so REAL, so authentic.
    The following day I was walking around with my travel partner, who still seemed to be genuinely frustrated with my way of thinking when we found another art installation full of mirrors. There was a delightful man explaining the mirrors and how they allow you to see yourself as others see you because our whole lives we’ve been looking at ourselves backwards in the regular mirror. This mirror reverses everything… it was the True Mirror!!!  When I looked into the mirror for the first time my eyes began to water. I saw who I really was and I saw beauty on the inside radiating out. I saw authenticity. The man came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders and said, “You’ve got it. See that sparkle in your eye, see that smile… it’s REAL, it’s beautiful.”
    As I continued through the installation I overheard him guiding others and he said to one as he moved her along, “OK, you’re good.” In that moment I knew it wasn’t just a script he was telling everyone. I was in fact different. I was exactly who I thought I was. Wow, incredible! I thanked him at the end and asked for his name which he said, “Exactly.” And in that moment I felt like everything I had just experienced became validated yet again.
    Months later I somehow (with magic and manifestation I believe) was on the road to Burning Man. One morning shortly after sunrise I was frolicking around the Man when I saw, you wouldn’t believe it, the True Reflections Mirror installation… the same thing from Mysteryland! What a wonderful dose of confidence after a nice long look into this special mirror again! Yippee! I knew it was special. But that’s not all! I was in Costa Rica at Envision festival in February this year when I decided to attend a workshop called True Reflections completely unknowing that it was yet again, “Exactly”, and his special mirror! AHO! When he walked into the workshop space I instantly became teary eyed with excitement as I recognized him, after all, who could forget someone who impacted you so greatly! It was so wonderful to learn more about his invention and his mission. This mirror kept following me around the world!
    I now carry the True Mirror with me, sharing it to people everywhere I go. I traveled to AfrikaBurn in 2015 with it as well as Thailand, Bali, Guatemala, and MANY festivals all over the country! While traveling overseas it was how I met new people. I would have it with my in restaurants and lounges and coffee shops and I would allow it to be a conversation starter! I mean, who carries a big box with mirrors in it to meals and such!? Haha. It was always very difficult driving a mo-ped with it that’s for sure! Talk about commitment to spreading the truth. 
    My hope is for everyone I connect with to come to fully love and trust and know their true selves. 
    Take time to look at yourself in your reflection and change what needs to be changed on the inside so that it can be displayed on the outside. May you all find peace and love on your journey of introspection and self-discovery.  xx Ashley

Erin’s Story

  •  Hello Beloved Star*Seeds  sparklesbeating heartsparkles
  •  I’ve done a lot of personal work in my life, dealing with healing deep traumas and their effects, which is a life~long process.
  • I am a spiritual being seeking ways of meaningful & peaceful living, contact, connection, healing, wholeness & Wellbeing. folded handsom  My work is in Sharing & Communicating the Skills & Wisdom I have gained, as a Healing Arts Practitioner.
  • When I came to the True Reflection Mirror room with my family, after our glorious cleansing @ TransFoamation, I stopped and took the time to read about this space & the mirrors. Very intrigued by the principles of it, I was eager to sit down and have a look. I thought I would be able to sit comfortably with myself and whatever I found. Surprisingly, I felt myself uncomfortable with it and it’s strangeness. My Strangeness. I then discovered a sort of rejection of myself, not staying to look for too long at any time, yet, continuing to look in many of them.
  • When I finally settled in to give it my full attention and openness, and I immediately noticed that my face was turned to the side slightly. I was surprised that I come at the world with that level of guarding. I was able to make adjustments in my posture, in all the mirrors, feeling my body~mind align.
  • With John’s instinctive guidance, I came to find a stillness, in my eyes. I noticed my gaze looking back at me would not shift back & forth, even if mine did. At once, I surrendered to the solidity, the depth, the simplicity and the perfection of my True Self, My Light in the reflection; and was overwhelmed with the immediate sensation that my body, mind & soul, had literally become ONE. I was Beauty*FULL! growing heart Fully Surrendered Ego Identity.
  • This was deeply moving, profound, and truly Transformative to me.
  • Self-Love & Self-Worth work that I’ve been doing already, are things that call me to want to work with the True Reflection Mirror Myself, Everyday. Soon folded hands
  • And, I’m deeply inspired to share & support others in this awakening experience & process
  • It was a True coming home within myself. It’s as if my actual neurology & biology have been stunted, incomplete, incorrectly informed of my true dimensions in space and time; having never laid eyes on my Own True Being. I believe this could be proven that we are not fully hard-wired as our Organism is capable of being, without an experience of seeing One’s True Self, in All Our True Glory, in this white medium star️Lightwhite medium starfolded hands
  • What an Amazing, Power*Full Self-In*Light*Inment Tool, Toy, Medicine, Magic Mirror, Inter~Dimensional Portal ~~>growing heart
  • This is in right in alignment with other Sacred Relationship work that is already coming forth in my life. ~***Synchronicity***~ I am SUPER Excited, to see what unfolds & how I can be involved!  raising handsomraising hands 
  •  So Much Love green heart In*Joy
  • Erin ~ {Journey}
  • *.     *.      *.     *.      *.  

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