“Hope for the future lies in each of us looking within. By learning to feed your hunger, you can overcome the tempting illusions all around you. By discovering who you are, you can stop basing your self-image solely on other people’s ideas about you. By connecting to your inner strength, you can stop cycling between idealistic illusions and self-hating disillusionment. By taking responsibility for yourself, you can stop relying on others to take responsibility for you.”
― Vironika Tugaleva, The Art of Talking to Yourself

We hear from just about every truth teller that the answers for the deep questions of identity and purpose can be found by looking within.  Time after time, the benefits of looking within, and then meditating and working on what is found, leads to amazing benefits that can serve us well in this chaotic and technology driven world.

A True Mirror is created to support this process.  It becomes possible to look directly into your own eyes and have the message of what you are saying to yourself be clear and accurate, with all the nuance that even the slightest eye shift can convey.  What lessons can you learn from your inner self, when it’s possible to observe what is actually being projected from your inner self?   Who are you really? Not just what you look like, or how you act, but what is your core purpose of being?  What is really going on inside, especially emotionally, that you can now ask yourself?  And, then get the answer matches how deep you really are asking?  The dialog with yourself in a True Mirror can be the real deal.

Once you see the difference, where your eyes stay active and present, and for long stretches of time, you can’t help but wonder at how strange it is that you  *haven’t* had this before.  That all of us, the entire human race, have been stunted by not being able to look within visually.  Instead, we are given a literal doppelganger to see and know, a version of us that has been present since childhood –  a flattened, less expressive version, ubiquitous, unchallenged and solitary.  Is it any wonder that we have become disconnected from who we really are?

Looking within and figuring out who you are is a lifelong task that requires so many other important lessons and practices.  It holds great benefits for those who choose to embrace that journey.  The goal of the true mirror is to help leapfrog over misperceptions the traditional mirrors created.

May you see, know and become in alignment with the true person within.  Be the amazing person you are, then use the true mirror to verify and validate this You to you!

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