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Thanks for visiting True Mirror, the only company that produces an amazing mirror that reflects you as you are, with the left and right sides correctly positioned.  It’s a simple yet profound idea – for the first time you can make direct eye contact with yourself in the same way that you do with everyone else.

It matters a lot that left and right are where they belong.  Through more than 25 years of building and showing this mirror to tens of thousands of people, the easiest way to describe what is going on is that your face “works” properly.  All of the expressions that you use to communicate who you are and how you are to the world are now available for you to see.  Your response to your natural expression can be natural, and therefore you can keep communicating with yourself naturally.

In contrast, your face stops working in a mirror, usually within 1-5 seconds you, like most people, will probably settle into a staring version of yourself, where your eyes simply don’t say anything.  You have to communicate to yourself through this odd filter and mask, and in real time, it will shift you from your natural state to a mirror state.   It’s a weird phenomenon, one that you are completely used to, but it’s not real!  It’s almost like a Black Mirror/Twilight Zone episode that every person walks around with a doppelganger inside their heads.

So our mission is to get these True Mirrors out to the world, to fix what we think is a serious problem in all of our lives.  When you see yourself naturally, you can see whats good and bright about you, you can work with what is challenging, and you can verify whatever is going on and trust yourself more.

Please visit us again as we are revamping our website to bring our many pages of old content back online, and including some really nifty interactive activities you can do to show just how strange the mirror really is, and how wonderful the True Mirror is in its place!

Many warm regards,

John Walter
Founder and CEO


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