True Mirror Marketing Survey

    Can you help me figure how to better bring the True Mirror out to the world?    I believe there are some amazing values within the True Mirror experience, but its been super challenging to find ways to actually market it.  It really is unlike any other product out there, and while there have been so many success stories, I'm still not hitting the mark on this critical question. 
    There's always been lot of possibilities because the range of responses mirrors human nature (pun definitely intended),  but its always been either too much or too diffuse to pursue many of them.
    Your feedback in the survey below could help narrow things and figure out the keys for realizing the vision. You can answer as many questions as you feel like, none are required, just hit send at the end when you are done.  There's also a coupon code at the bottom to get a super discount of 50% off a 12x12 True Mirror for your friends and family.
    I really do appreciate your support and patronage!
    Thank you!
    John Walter, CEO, Artist & Maker
    True Mirror Company

    Part 1 General info:

    When? never<1 month<6 Months<1 year1-5 years5-20 years

    neverOnceA couple timesMany timesOwn one

    Every DayWeeklyInfrequentlyRarelyNever

    A lotOnce in a whilejust a littlehardly ever

    n/aVery PositivePretty GoodNo DifferenceNot greatReally negative



    Love it!Like myselfStruggleDependsDon't usually lookBetter than standard mirrorWorse than standard mirror

    n/abothneitherTrue MirrorStandard Mirror

    DefinitelyA littleNot reallyNot at all

    Noneas expectedmorea lottotally wonky

    NoneCoolOddReally strangeFreaked me out

    Less than mirrorsSameMoreA LotCompletely new


    Image onlyLevel 1/Sort ofSignificantReally Deep/Profound


    Part 3: Marketing

    <$50$50 to $99100-199>200

    Inner SelfPublic personaHair StylesMakeupChild developmentDisplay objectsGym/Dance studiosPlastic SurgeryPhysical TherapyPsychological TherapyLife CoachingDressing RoomsBeauty Salons3D aspectsFull Spectrum Frequencies

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