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Its true – you can see your real smile in a True Mirror. Seriously, it looks genuine, which makes you want to smile back. In real time, you suddenly see your eyes sparkling back at you. The reason you are smiling is in your eyes, as all genuine smiles require. Its pretty magical, compared to the backwards smile, which for everyone, fades with 5 seconds, and sometimes in less than a half of a second. Showing this to people (more than 30,000 over the last 25 years) has been an astonishing experience of watching self-enlightenment bloom in that first experience of a true smile. Plus, the more you dig, the more you can see all of you, not just your smile, but your thoughts, expressions, your inner dialog and feelings in general are all reflected correctly back to you. Your eyes and whole face work this way, all of our faces work this way. So now, for the first time, you can see yourself being yourself.

Enjoy the view – you are beautiful as a human being, complex and deep, and one of the most amazing things the Universe has created. Let this enlightened view of you help you grow because your own truth becomes visible to you as well as everyone else. This is its promise.. Our vision is that enabling people to see their true selves will lead towards them loving themselves more fully. – John H. Walter

“Of all the things you wear, your face is the most important. I found that it wasn’t only my countenance that changed when I looked in the True Mirror, but the nature of my gaze. We look in a regular mirror, not for clues to who we are, but to reassure ourselves that we’re tidy, or beautiful or young. In a True Mirror, you look for revelation, not reassurance. You don’t look at yourself, you look for yourself.”

From Never Not A Lovely Moon, The Art of Being Yourself by Caroline McHugh

Day after day, for a lifetime, you’ve been seeing a distorted version of yourself in every mirror mirror you’ve gazed in. The only person on earth whose true face you never see in real time is your own.

Your eyes don’t just receive information, they transmit it. But every time you’ve seen yourself in a mirror, you’ve been receiving the true expressions and emotions conveyed by your face and eyes backwards. This distortion promotes a distorted self image, and keeps you from beholding your emotional and spiritual truth; the spark of the Divine that resides within you, within your face, your eyes.

The True Mirror Optically restores your true image from your ‘mirror image’, letting you see yourself not just as others see you, but as you really are, in real time.

To really look at yourself in this mirror, on an average day, or at a time of great sorrow or great joy, can be a complete revelation. Looking at it every day, even meditating with it, can even become a catalyst for spiritual growth and radical self-acceptance.

You may laugh. You may cry. You may or may not like what you see. Not everyone gets it. After 25 years, we’ve discovered which people this portal into the unconscious appeals to: they are intelligent, creative, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually curious people. And of course they must be willing to be present, truly present, to their revealed selves for a few moments.

Please take a look at the videos below, where founder/creator John Walter explains the magic of how our eyes can sparkle in the True Mirror!  Then, watch as others explore the differences in the documentary.

What if you could truly see yourself for the first time?

What transformations could occur, if you could truly see your light?
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Magazines and Newspapers



Gross Anatomy

Honest, funny, and totally gross essays that celebrate the female body in all its glory. Mara has a section on what the True Mirror means in all of this!

The King In the Window

A fanciful romp through Paris, with an epic battle that requires True Mirrors to win[/caption]

Never Not a Lovely Moon

A stunning book by Carloine McHugh, who also gave a TedX talk about “you”, includes a lot of references to True Mirror

Mirror Mirror - a History of the Human Love affair with Reflection

Mark Pendergast’s amazing look at the entire History of Mirrors, including a big section on True Mirrors!

The Face in the Mirror

A scientist, Julian Paul Keenan, looks at where consciousness comes from, including commentary about the True Mirror

Where can I see a True Mirror?

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“I’ve had it for days and I still get excited every time I see it! Its like having a surprise for the rest of my life!”

– Karina Vilena

“I have my True Mirror in a special place, isolated amidst all the clutter of my life. I try, when showing people around, to make sure that each person who visits gets a chance to spend some time alone with it.” – Jay Maisel, photographer
“The experience I had with the mirror was incredibly meaningful to me. I had never believed what people said they saw in me until then. I’d had a long and difficult year between trips to the Playa but I have felt regenerated since I got back, and your mirrors had a lot to do with it.” – Warren F.
“I was totally blown away by the craftsmanship and sheer imagination of design that inspire the creation of these mirrors! John does a top-notch job turning what was once a novel idea into a must-see reality!” – Noah V.

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