For the 37 years since first discovering myself in a true mirror, cannabis has been a strong teacher whenever I see myself high.  As I am now, full disclosure.

It always night and day different between the true mirror and the backwards mirror; my eyes are alive and communicating, my internal dialog and feelings feel and speak exactly as they did before looking at myself.   It really just feels like the normal me to know and deal with. The flat mirror becomes mask-like within seconds and the “old me” jumps out, full of really static impressions of me, slightly different because of circumstance, but essentially the same person I was when I was a young adult – shy, awkward and socially powerless.

The same thing exists for me when I am not high, but at a much less perceptible percent.  With THC, it’s like alarm bells are going off…if it’s so real, why aren’t all mirrors like this?

I’m writing this somewhat TMI post because I’m missing going to Burning Man this year, which would have been my 13th.  Every time, I brought true mirrors out there, building a Palace with true mirrors and lots of posters explaining the concept and educating people how to look at themselves. 

Up there, with the general population on one drug or another, including, for sure, those that are on no drugs (but definitely high on life), the true mirror does fantastically – where more than 75% of the population usually sees what I’m seeing.  People have cried happily, they dance, they freak out, yes, but OK to do so, and overall they are consistently mind blown.  It’s again like a no-brainer –why aren’t all mirrors like this?

In contrast, the response of the general world to this concept has been a great mystery…why are so many people, especially professionals in a dozen different fields, unable to buy into this simple idea – that your face is different left and right, and it changes when you flip it.  Who you are changes too.  And surprise, when you don’t flip it, who you are shows up just fine!   Why wouldn’t you want that?  Why isn’t that a critical piece of the puzzle about self-awareness and understanding?

The mystery will be solved someday, I don’t know. Maybe it is related to cannabis, or other “medicine”, that lets us see that the Emperor actually *is* wearing new clothes…that who we are as human beings is so much greater than what we have been telling ourselves in mirrors.

Think of it: All of us have been looking and interacting with an altered version of ourselves; ubiquitous, unchallenged and solitary – since childhood no less.  It’s a “cosmic egg” that we all live in.  What will be required to crack it open and discover/create what is on the other side?  After 37 years of walking around my Self on the other side…I still see that it’s a pretty amazing thing to be me. Bottom line, do what it takes to see the magic of You next time you are around a True Mirror!

Thanks for letting me share


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