The other day I was feeling pretty down about things, mainly financial issues and being scared for my future, and decided to use my True Mirror to see what was going on and figure out how to deal with it.

It’s not often that I look to the True Mirror to see and acknowledge negative emotions.  Usually, I use it to see what is good about me and my life, to affirm that everything is ok and getting better, to confidently project into the future because my present is clean and clear. The reversed mirror image, in contrast, is not very good at reflecting positive emotions, there is always an element of inauthenticity that makes me question my positive reality.

So to go to the True Mirror with a bunch of negative emotions and state them out loud to myself, as in negative affirmations like “I’m really scared”, “I’m confused”, and to really see what that looks like and how it really feels deeply…it was an experience of sharing that made me feel validated for the pain I was feeling. 

So often we are told that our thoughts will create our reality, that what we focus on will persist into the future.   We are told to think positively, to affirm positive intentions, and that will assist positive things to come into our lives.  But what are we to do when the negative emotions are present – do we just ignore them and try to put on a happy face?

This time though, I openly admitted to myself that I’m scared, I’m confused, I’m lost about what I’m supposed to do.  As I saw the emotions, and went through them, it felt comforting and acknowledging.  My eyes in the True Mirror stay present with the reality of what I’m feeling and saying, and I could experience the negative emotions without judgement or criticism, with empathy and compassion.

Life can be tough, even if there are plenty of good things that should override the sad feelings.  But to always turn away from negativity lest it color my future is a recipe for buried feelings and unresolved anxiety.   I really got to see how deep my fear and anxiety was, which surprisingly eased some of it away.  By finally being able to share about it instead of stuffing it, a kind of inner peace came to me.  Nothing changed except my internal agita about it, it was like lancing a boil.

So today, I went back again and asked, “How are you doing now?”  And the answer was “Better.  Still not very happy about things, but clearly more relaxed about it.”  I could see more hope and energy in my eyes; hope that things will change and energy to do the next steps.  I feel ready to get back to the positive affirmations that I need to do, but instead of papering over the negative emotions, I remembered seeing them for what they really are, realistic responses to my current situation.  There’s no need to stay there, to wallow in it, but by experiencing it fully, it was a good way to get beyond it. 

The beauty of the True Mirror is that it allows a continuous process with one’s self to occur – our eyes and face stay actively communicating with whatever is true, so our response can be more real, more human, like our best friend.  The reversed image almost always shifts us within seconds to the same old same old, and those old voices do end up sounding the same, the negativity doesn’t resolve itself and the judgement and criticisms come flooding back.


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