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Manhattan User's Guide, May 1995

Unusual Mirrors, by Charles A. Suisman

The True Mirror is the brainchild of John Walter. When you look into an ordinary mirror, the images you see are reversed. Raise your left hand and the mirror image raises you right hand. By setting two mirrors together at a right angle (and figuring out how to eliminate the seam between them) the True Mirror raises your left hand. It's very disorienting and try to, say, put on lipstick with this mirror isn't recommended. Mr. Walter says, "Many people have a bad reaction when they look into it for the first time. You finally see what others see when they look at you." The silver coating is on the surface of this mirror, instead of behind the glass, which heightens the three dimensionality of the image. The mirror comes in a 18"x18" box that is mounted on the wall. It requires special care so that you don't scratch the silver coating. Currently a 4-6 week wait, it costs $275.