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OMNI, April 1995, Continuum

True Mirror, by Mary Ann Tawasha

The True Mirror will show you what others see when they look at you. It will also show you who others see when they look at you, claims the product's inventor, John Walter, president of the True Mirror Company in New York.

Unlike a conventional mirror, the True Mirror doesn't reverse the image it displays. Constructed from two perpendicular mirrors, the $245 device superimposed both mirror images in the center, forming an image that's identical to the one others see when looking at you.

Although the concept of non-reversing mirrors is not a new one, Walter's claim that it will "reveal your true personality" is. Some psychological research has shown that the information coming from the right and left hemispheres of our brains is reflected in our faces. Walter feels that reversing the two sides, as regular mirrors do, translates into a changed and inaccurate message of who we are.

Walter asserts that, with the True Mirror, a person's inner self-perception - as well as his or her physical appearance - matches what others see. Ten percent of 4,000 test subjects perceived a different personality when looking at the True Mirror. According to Walter, a typical response from a subject who noticed a difference was "no wonder other people relate to me different from what I expect."

Walter points out that those with symmetrical faces may not see a notable distinction.

"Some people will be uncomfortable when seeing this new image due to its unfamiliarity," he adds. "People have been conditioned to believe it is vain to look at yourself in a mirror, but seeing your true personality can be very valuable."