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Harper's, November 1994

A Mirror for the Reflective

From a press release issued last summer by the True Mirror Company in New York City. A 12"x12" True Mirror costs $195

The True Mirror Company has created a mirror that will revolutionize the way people view themselves. Constructed from two mirrors positioned at an exact 90 degree angle, the True Mirror reflects true images of its viewers; it does not reverse images the way all other mirrors do. When a person looks in an ordinary mirror and raises his right arm, what he sees is his image raising the arm on the left side. In a True Mirror, the reflection actually raises the right arm; the mirror thus provides a true picture of how he appears to others. This can result in key improvements in styles of hair and clothing, especially if the style is purposely asymmetrical. For example, wearing a beret at different angles produces entirely different looks. By using the True Mirror, a person can determine which look truly suits him the best.

For some, the True Mirror has an additional, much deeper effect: it reveals hidden aspects of their inner selves. Viewers notice that certain qualities appear in the True Mirror that they never saw before, especially what can be best described as their "inner spark" or "light". This is possibly a result of the split between the left brain and the right brain. Because the brain has two different parts, it sends different messages from each side; these messages appear on different sides of the face, where they merge to form personality. By reversing the two sides, a typical mirror presents a vision that is quite different from the real person; what one sees in the True Mirror is much more lifelike.

This feature of the True Mirror will help people understand why others react to them the way they do. It will show them who they actually are and what they really want out of life.

Comments from viewers:

"How often I have looked in mirrors and noticed that the pieces and parts don't flow. This True Mirror showed me that I am beautiful within and without."

"Is this who I really am? No wonder other people relate to me differently that I expect."

"Thank you for providing an outside method for inner vision. You've taken a prop of vanity and turned it into a tool for growth."