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Westchester Money Saver, January 11th, 1997, Dollars & Sense

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The mirror has two faces, complained Cheryl Parnelli, a Denver woman, upon viewing her reflection. She was looking into an ordinary mirror, where an image is reversed or backwards. "I noticed that the pieces and parts of my face didn't flow."

Parnelli says that her view of her appearance changed when it was recommended that she purchase the True Mirror. Invented by scientist/researcher John H. Walter for use by consumers. True Mirror is designed to eliminate the left/right reversing common to most mirrors.

Walter's goal was to provide a more "expressive" reflection or balanced image of one's face and to make writing readable when held up to the mirror. Walter apparently achieved this by perfectly aligning two optical mirrors at a 90 degree angle.

In practical terms, the True Mirror can be useful to the fashion conscious or those who want to same time in the morning when putting on their makeup or shaving.

True Mirror allows a person to better see how they project themselves to others, claims the New York-based manufacturer. This mirror is supposed to let you consider if one side of the face is more expressive than the other, assess the quality of your expressions and analyze the manner in which you tilt your head or the way you part your hair.

The company also says that the product gives the consumer many more creative choices when purchasing hats, sunglasses and hairstyles.

The manufacturer says that True Mirror is found in the dressing rooms of many clothing stores and is now used widely by hair stylists, cosmetologists, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, interior designers and actors.

True Mirror sells for $300 plus $30 for shipping and handling. For more information, write True Mirror Co., 140 Fulton St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY or call 1-212-267-4367. [Now located at 43 East 1st St., NY, NY 10003 - 212-614-6636]

Photo courtesy of the True Mirror Company
Photos: Nanine Hartzenbusch, Sun Staff Photos