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Ordering Your Own True Mirror!

New! Our 18x18 and 48x18 True Mirrors are back in production! After a long development period, the two larger wood models are finally coming out perfectly, and are ready to find new homes! The trick was the alignment - theres now the right adjusting knobs that enable even the full length to become optically perfect. Please note, because they are made from beautiful wood cabinetry, they will need more frequent adjusting, depending mostly on temperature and Humidity changes. Click here for the 12x12 Ordering Page

The 18x18 can be mounted on a wall or set on a shelf, the 48x18 comes with its own 24x16 pedestal. Current 18x18 Stock (6/7): Sapele - 4 Cherry - 4

We are out of stock for the full length, 12 weeks for the next ones to come out. We are taking preorder deposits.

Please contact info@truemirror.com if you have questions.

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18x18 Section

Here are some pictures of the new wood cabinets I took them outside to get the best color match. They are gorgeous woodworking from Grayam May with the amazing, optically perfect True Mirror within. Striking in so many ways! (please note, these are my display units with some scuffs, and the pictures are just temporary better ones coming soon.)

Sapele (African Mahogany)
18x18 Ordering Links and Price
US Delivery
$950 + $75 Shipping=$1025
In Stock: Delivery 1-2 weeks
Canada Delivery
$950 + $100 Shipping=$1050
In Stock: Delivery 1-2 weeks
Int'l Delivery
$950 + $125 shipping=$1075
In Stock: Delivery 2-3 weeks

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48x18 Section

48x18 Ordering Links and Price
US Delivery
$2450 + crate and freight
(approx $650 - you will be contacted)

Canada Delivery
$2450 + crate and freight
(approx $750 - you will be contacted)
Out of Stock: taking deposits: email for more info
Int'l Delivery
$2450 + crate and freight
(approx $900, you will be contacted with more info)

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New! Now on Amazon Beauty! Depending on stock, you can order directly from Amazon for the fastest and most convenient delivery! Check here for Amazon purchasing

New! Eurozone ordering:
Order from Grand Illusions for the quickest and easiest way to get the True Mirror in Europe

New! Float On in Portland
Our Friends in Portland Float On center carry the True Mirror, contact them at
4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97215