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Caroline McHugh wrote a lovely book about the art of being yourself. We had a great conversation about how the True Mirror was such a great new tool for both discovering and for further knowing your real self, that she included True Mirror in the book. Its a wonderful book that you will be happy to own and show off on your coffee table and bookshelf
From a the book blurb:

How many times has someone offered you that wonderfully insightful piece of advice to 'just be yourself'? Like it hadn't crossed your mind already?
Here is a wee book with a big idea—that you should be nobody but yourself—offering inspiration and direction for everybody who wants to be more specifically somebody.
At a time when we're looking for a more honest approach to everything from food to music to politics, Never Not a Lovely Moon offers not a path to being yourself, but being yourself as the path.
In her two decades of being a student and teacher of IDOLOGY, Caroline has worked all over the world with thousands of individuals, from celebrated artists to Fortune 500 CEOs to schoolchildren in India, using her unique perspective to shine a light on theirs.
This just might be the operating manual you should have been born with