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Since late January, 09, Martha Stewart has been wearing a left part - something we have never seen on her - for her entire career, she has worn a right part. In fact, we consider her to be a prime example of how the right hair part can lead to great (and unique) success in a non-traditional career choice... who could have envisioned the Martha Stewart empire based on being super creative with items in the everyday world.

So why the switch? And what will it bring to her on-screen persona, not to mention her off camera life. The Hair Part Theory predicts that she can bring much more seriousness and gravitas to her show, such as when she was recently discussing economic and political theory with Neil Cavuto and Rachel Maddow Maybe her choice of topics will change so much that 6 months from now, there's a new spinoff show? Will her creativity suffer? Probably not, because she has enough for 20 people, but will it be received the same way? The left part is good for business - maybe in this tough economy she will carve a new business venture that makes her even more successful.

The Hair Part Theory says that she will be perceived as more left-brained now with the new left part, but that her personality will still retain a large degree of the creative nature that the right part gave her her whole life. Its an interesting mix that is almost guaranteed to make something new - watch her!

Note: We are often asked: What does the Hair Part Theory have to do with the True Mirror? Well its simple - the mirror reverses things...so if one wears a left part, in the mirror it looks like a right part, and vice versa. Its a very strong example of how the traditional mirror is fooling us - the True Mirror shows your hair part as it is, so if you decide to wear a side part, then at least you are choosing the one that projects the image you really think you are projecting!

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