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The Face In the Mirror: The Search for the Origins of Consciousness by Julian Keenan and Gordon Gallup

Read the new book by Julian Paul Keenan and Gordon Gallup which explores the fascinating search for the origins of consciousness:
"How do we know who we are? When and how did we become aware of our presence and thoughts? Why do some species develop self-awareness, while others do not?" This question of self-awareness and consciousness has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike, from Aristotle and Darwin to Descartes and William James. In his famous "mirror test" thirty years ago, leading researcher Gordon G. Gallup Jr. showed that self-awareness begins with the recognition of one's reflection in the mirror, an ability that only higher order primates possess. In The Face in the Mirror, Julian Paul Keenan, Gordon G. Gallup Jr., and Dean Falk further explore mirror recognition as the key to understanding the origins of consciousness and its role in our evolution, everyday behaviour, and ongoing survival.

Hear Julian Paul Keenan on WNYC.ORG, July 22, 2003: Real Audio Clip

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