The True Mirror Palace at Burningman 2011!

Once again the Palace returns - this time with Flexible Blue Neon to brighten up the night (shown below right in half size and in day - just wait til theres 100 feet of it and the black desert night!)

From the themes of the past:

    2003 - Beyond Belief - who knew that such a mirror was possible?
    2004 - Vault of Heaven - Raising our concsiousness to the truth
    2005 - Psyche - its all about whats inside!
    2006 - Hope and Fear - Do we fear who we are or are we hopeful for what we will see
    2007 - :( missed this year
    2008 - :( again, missed this year
    2009 - Evolution - from cave people to today, we finally can evolve to seeing our real self!
    2010 - Metropolis - mirrors everywhere in the city, all backwards - no wonder we have trouble there?
    And now...
    2011 - Rites of Passage - once again, the amazing True Mirror finds a way to fit the theme this year. As it turns out, we have been using mirrors our whole lives starting when the first time your parents told you too look in the mirror and said "look at you!" its been backwards, and not really us at all! When we then looked by ourselves, sometimes endlessly when we were 5, 6 7 , we began to understand who we were in the mirror, or at least thought we were.

    The problem of course is that its different in a mirror than what is real, so as we began our journey into the other rites of passage - integrating with our friends and culture, we had this flawed view of ourselves the whole time. how did it affect us that we would see such vibrant life outside of us, but when we see ourselves the vibrancy faded? when you are only 10 years old, no one ever told you that the mirror is not real.

    So here you are now, in 2011, fully grown up, ready for an amazing new rite of passage - to see yourself as you really are, with all the vibrant, beautiful, and sparkling energy that is you! Then the second rite is to face the world knowing that you are this way - using the information to make new and beautiful connections between who you truly are and what you can do with it in the world! From 2011! From 2010 and 2009!
    Comments from the Palace: